Escape from crowds: Enjoy Easter Week at Cenote Elvira.

A unique experience at “La Ruta de los Cenotes”.

Tired of crowded beaches and bustling crowds during Easter Week? Discover a tranquil and commercial-free getaway at Cenote Elvira!

Whether you’re traveling with your family and/or friends to the Riviera Maya this Easter Week or you live here and you are hosting your family on vacation and you’re seeking a different and unforgettable experience, Cenote Elvira is the ideal place. An experience created to be enjoyed in total privacy with your loved ones. Cenote Elvira is a completely private experience for those who reserve it, which means that access is only granted to those who make a reservation in advance.


A full day in a private cenote.

Enjoy a full day at a property with a cenote exclusively for you. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature while enjoying a day away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Our private cenote offers you the opportunity to relax and connect with the natural beauty without the typical crowds of the season.

Located in the middle of the Mayan jungle, Cenote Elvira is a hidden gem that provides the privacy and tranquility you need to fully enjoy your vacation. Our private property features a crystal-clear cenote that is the perfect setting to enjoy a day with friends and family without worrying about crowded places during this season.

Additionally, at Cenote Elvira, we offer you the flexibility to bring your own food and drinks to personalize your day. Or if you prefer, we can take care of everything with our catering service, where you can choose from three delicious menus to satisfy all tastes! Prepared with fresh and top-quality ingredients, our chef will ensure that your culinary experience is unforgettable.


And that’s not all! We also offer the option for you to prepare a barbecue as we have a grill available. At Cenote Elvira, we strive to provide you with the unique experience of a private cenote. Come and discover the magic of Cenote Elvira and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones this Easter Week!”

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